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Jenny meets her Shero!

They say you should never meet your heroes. That couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to celebrity chef Sunny Anderson. Jenny appeared on the Today Show with Hoda and Jenny this week and had the great pleasure of being surprised by one of her heroes Sunny Anderson. Jenesis was featured as a Kid in Spotlight and honored on the Today Show wall of fame. Jenna Bush Hager and Marie Schriver were gracious and compassionately told Jenny's stories of beating cancer and now fighting to help other children in their cancer battle. As a part of the segment, Sunny Anderson was brought out as a surprise to meet and do a cooking segment with Jenny. When Jenny gave Sunny a welcome hug, the whole studio lit up with warm spirits. Ms. Anderson was sincere, authentic and full of incredible energy. She made Jenny feel comfortable, confident, and cued her effortlessly during their segment. She was such a sweet lady that it was easy to understand why she is such a successful chef. Meeting a woman of color that is internationally known for skillful cuisine and infectious personality confirms why representation in the media and entertainment is so important. Jenny was able to see reflections of herself in Sunny, and she was so inspired to continue to reach for her goals. Ms. Anderson took time to chat with our whole family; she brought Jenny a special swag bag and even invited her to come to a taping of her show. We can be more proud to and honored that Sunny Anderson joined our segment to meet our little warrior princess and make one of her dreams come true. Sunny you will always be a hero to our little BEAN!

Thank You!!!

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