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A gift for Savion

As we grow and continue the work begun by 9-year-old Jenny Shaw to make a difference in the lives of children battling cancer, we will never forget the mission. Last week went sent out a custom Jenny Bean Care Kit to a young five-year-old fighter. His name was Savion, and he was battling stage 3 Rhabdomyosarcoma (a rare type of cancer that forms in the soft tissue). We spoke with Savion’s grandmother and made a list of some of his favorite things. After shopping and preparing his kit, Jenny was extremely excited to mail it out to him. Saturday, after notifying his family of delivery and tracking, we were made aware that Savion had been admitted to the hospital and had been taken to ICU. We immediately began to pray for Savion and his family with optimistic hopes of hearing that he would be back home safe soon. Upon reaching out to Savion’s grandmother Monday morning to send our prayers, we were informed that young Savion had passed away overnight.

Our hearts are shaken, and we stand with his family. Jenny was really hurt to hear that he would not have a chance to see all of his items that were handpicked for him. It is so unfair that a little angel would be taken from his family. It's unimaginable that this baby would not have a chance to fulfill his greatness. This reality is commonly the case with children fighting childhood cancer, and we never lose sight of the part of our mission. We will be making every effort to send financial support to Savion’s family for his funeral services and show that he will never be forgotten.

Help make a difference for children around the country fighting for their lives.

Every kid deserves to grow up and Savion; we fight in your honor.


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