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About the Bean

On August 17 of 2010, Jenesis Shaw was welcomed into the world by her mom and dad Scotesha and Mike Shaw. Jenesis is the youngest of 4 children and pulse of her family. Jen or Jenny as she is affectionately called by her family is a strong-willed, expressive girl that is not afraid to share her opinions.

Jenesis is a second grader. She has been at Nazareth since Pre-K and loves her school dearly. Jenny is a very active part of her school community. She participates in Girl Scouts, 100-mile club, and dance.

At home, Jenesis is an average seven-year-old. She loves to cook, sing, take photos, run, watch television and cuddle with her dog “Tank.” Jenny’s favorite television show is Chopped, and she loves to play Chopped at home with her family. Making food concoctions is one of her hobbies.

On August 9, 2017, Jen’s mom discovered two small masses near her rib cage at bath time. Upon completing testing at Golisano Children’s Hospital, she was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor. Wilms Tumor is a childhood kidney cancer that usually affects kids 2-5 years old. Her solid tumors were found in her kidney and liver. Jenesis was a-symptomatic upon her diagnosis and had no signs of illness. She participated in this year’s Rochester Marathon and completed 1.5 miles in about 14 minutes after starting her chemotherapy treatment the day before.

Even with her diagnosis, she has kept her bright smile and optimistic attitude. Every Friday night after chemo Jenesis and her family have a Friday celebration. Friday Celebration is a reminder to celebrate every little victory, big and small. 

Because of the care and outpouring of support that Jenesis received when she was initially hospitalized and again during her hospitalization during her tumor resection surgery. She requested that her parents allow her to create care bags for other children facing a cancer diagnosis. She calls her care bags "survival kits" because they contain toiletries and other necessities (bar soap, warm socks, coloring books, crayon, full-sized toothbrushes, etc.) that children need to help lighten the load and be a positive distraction during hospitalization for cancer treatments. Jenny has chosen to share her journey to bring awareness about childhood cancer and help other kids. Please share your support by purchasing Team Jenny Bean Merchandise or donating what you can to allow her to give back while enduring her own fight.

Team Jenny Bean is a tax-exempt nonprofit children’s charitable organization 

under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Tax ID #84-2160125

© Team Jenny Bean Inc. All rights reserved.

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