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The Today Show comes to town for Jenny

As Jenny gets ready for her Summer Care Kit delivery, we have some special guest to accompany her. A team from the Today Show came to town Tuesday to film Jenny for a segment on inspirational children around the country. The crew captured lots of back story footage and Jenny's Care Kit Delivery to Golisano Children's Hospital. It was an amazing day of shooting, planning, and interviewing. The best part of the whole experience was to see the reaction of the families and children at the hospital. There were so many smiles and laughs as Jenny handed out her special packages to kids who were currently hospitalized. Getting to see the children receive their care kits, toys, and gift cards in person was incredible for Jenesis. She greeted every child personally and introduced herself by name. It was priceless to see the impact that caring and sharing brings to little ones fighting the fight of their lives. The team from the Today Show was extremely considerate and professional; they planned every detail to the letter. The interviews were thoughtful, and the energy during our day was full of good vibrations. We can't wait to go to New York City Next week for the live show and see the results of all their hard work. Thank you, Dan D. and the whole team at NBC. You made Jenny Bean's special day one she'll never forget.

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