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Moving Forward

Today Jenny completed her last chemotherapy treatment. It’s been a long seven months. Five surgeries, one meda-port, 26 weeks of chemo, countless blood draws, liters of liquid meds, many, many sleepless nights, multiple hospital stays, gallons of tears and innumerable prayers. Through it all a several of things have held true, God has a plan beyond your comprehension, faith is not based on eyesight, people are inherently good (contrary to common belief), and our family has learned to celebrate every victory. When discussing how we would celebrate Jenny’s treatment completion we were cautioned to wait until scans are done to make sure that things are all clear. Many fears crept into our hearts and thoughts. What we realized is that we must celebrate before scans, after scans and every day going fourth. The victory in fighting disease is not only in the end result of treatment or cure but in the daily acknowledgment that we are given another sunrise to try to be better people.

Having any threat against your child is crippling, but having your little one be made aware of their mortality is unimaginable for any parent. We don’t celebrate our daughter’s battle today because we are unaware of the unpredictable nature of cancer. To the contrary, we celebrate her victory because of it. This experience has made my family appreciate the smallest wins and the simplest gifts. Tonight when you tuck in your son or daughter make sure to hug them extra tight, tell them you love them and remember how blessed you are to have them.

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