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A furry friend

Blessed in every situation.

When Jenny had her surgery in October the uncertainty of what it would entail was very stressful. What would the surgeons see once they reach the actual tumor tissue? How long would it take? Would she be ok? A myriad of thoughts and fears plagued my mind. In all, I knew that God's plan was the at work, and my faith was strong, but this was my baby girl. With elation, we found that every single measure of success was met. 99% of the cancerous cells and tissue was destroyed by her six weeks pre-chemo treatment. Her histology remained favorable, and all her regular functionality returned to her liver and remaining kidney. God truely has a plan for her life.

We remained in the hospital for five days after surgery and each day Jenny reach another post-surgical milestone. Breathing tube our within 24 hours, epidural out in two days (no pain), and urine and kidney function spotless. One thing that she requested more than any other was to see her dog "Tank." "I was to see Tank." This little musky pooch was all that she asked for. It is amazing how pets bring comfort, peace and joy to us. At one point I was going to pick up Tank and bring him to the parking lot of Golisano Children's Hospital so that she could get a peek. Had it not been for her early discharge Tank would have been a temporary service dog for pediatric oncology.

When we finally were discharged and arrived to pick up her dog the, they both behaved like two long lost friends. Licks and hugs were plentiful. I could see that he missed her as much as she missed him. God has a way of putting exactly what we need where we need it when we need. This fact is even true of our furry friends. Thank you, father, for blessing my baby with the gift of a comforting friend. #celebratingeveryvictory #teamjennybean

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